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Perfect Prom Dress

April 30, 2017

It’s hard to believe that it has been seven years since my prom night! I still remember the anticipation and how my girlfriends and I were intensely preparing for it as if it was our wedding day J But all jokes aside, prom is for sure one of the biggest fashion moments of a girl’s life, and so choosing the dress can feel like a major decision. However, don’t let shopping become stressful. Have fun with the process by imagining which vibe you want to go for.

When I think back to my prom dress, I wish I had made a different decision. It was a long white gown with an open back and a deep V-neck. And even though I loved it at that moment, I have to admit, it wasn’t the most practical dress by all means. The dress was too long, too revealing and it was very white. Later on, I couldn’t re-wear it often, especially when I got invited to weddings. If I would give one tip when purchasing a prom dress, I would definitely recommend to treat this purchase as an investment. This is exactly why I am so obsessed with this Melanie Lyne dress; I think it is a perfect investment piece. Sophisticated, beautiful and elegant, and it shows off some skin at all the right places and keeps the overall look classy. It’s that type of dress that you would be able to wear for many years because of it’s timeless style and monochrome colours. Also, the beauty of such classic styles is that you have the ability to play around with your hairstyles, makeup and accessories and create any look depending on your mood. In my case, I went for a sleek old Hollywood style but you can always make it more playful by curling your hair and by wearing a pair of colourful pumps.

Lastly, when shopping for your prom dress, choose the dress which is uniquely you, it will make you feel double as confident and confidence is beautiful! xx

Dress by Melanie Lyne

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