Bermuda Getaway – Hamilton Princess Stay

So where do I begin? My Bermuda trip was an absolute dream! What promised to be just a weekend getaway turned out to be one of my favorite trips of the summer! Bermuda stole my heart with its beautiful raw beaches, turquoise warm water, and unreal sunsets… and did I mention that it’s only a 2-hour flight away from New York? Looking for accom...
30 . 08 . 2016

Bringing Summer Trends Into The Fall


Yet another summer is almost over. It is hard to say goodbye to this fabulous weather and the season's trends. I was th...

20 . 07 . 2016

Wedding Guest Dress Guide


The wedding season is here and not going anywhere anytime soon. I personally have a few weddings to attend this summer ...

08 . 07 . 2016

Little White Dress

Happy Saturday Everyone! Writing this post from the lovely Okanagan, my absolute favourite vacation spot close to home. I feel like summer is just sta...
27 . 06 . 2016

Fringe Love

Fringe. I used to always associate this fun trend with music festivals and fun summer nights. Under the influence of Coachella social media madness I ...
22 . 06 . 2016

Monochrome Girl

If you know me I am a big monochrome lover. I love simple colours, it makes wardrobe transition into new seasons more simple. This Suki+Solaine top is...
01 . 06 . 2016

Vancouver Guide Part 2

  Like any world class city Vancouver has a very strong coffee culture. You can find all kind of coffee shops with various coffee techniques,...